Simplify: Learning to Let Go

It is amazing how much stuff 2 people can accumulate. Especially if the yearly summer clean out was skipped over a few years in a row due to travelling overseas for camps. We have 2 really good reasons to hold on to less. 1) We need to make room for our baby (and all the gadgets and clothes that come with having a baby) and 2) We are preparing to move into a different place in the fall. So last Saturday we went at it. We took 2 car loads of stuff to Goodwill and at least 7 bags of trash out. Ahhh… so much better. We won’t miss any of it either.


IMAG0316 DSC02975 DSC02973 DSC02972

The next challenge will be selling some of our furniture and kitchen appliances. If you or someone you know is having a garage sale this summer, let us know! We are selling our round table (+ 6 chairs), dressers (x3), a cedar chest, loveseat and oversized chair, and kitchen appliances. If you are interested in any of those items and would like to support our ministry that way, send us a message and we can get you details. We didn’t show you an after picture of our storage room. That’s because, well, it is still in progress. Hopefully soon it will be a sweet place for our little one on the way. 


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